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Chronic pain and addiction are some of the most debilitating human afflictions. They rob people of the full spectrum of life’s enjoyments and isolate individuals from the companionship of friends and family. Both chronic pain and addiction reflect maladaptations of the nervous system. Severe chronic pain is commonly described as pain lasting twelve weeks or more — sometimes years.

For many years, our company has explored the neural systems that change their function in response to nerve damage or the ingestion of addictive chemicals. We have realized that several similar neural systems contribute to both chronic pain and addiction. In addition, we have come to understand that no single neurochemical is responsible for chronic pain or addiction.

Lohocla Research has taken a novel approach to developing treatments for chronic pain and addiction. The medications that we have designed and are bringing to the public are distinguished by the fact that, through one molecule, we generate the power to simultaneously modulate several of the neural systems whose over-activity contributes to chronic pain and addiction. We call this the “multi-target approach,” and it has demonstrated superiority in action and safety over many single-target drugs.

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